This site is intended to serve as my podium to voice my opinions and express my perspective on observations and anything I come up with. I like to share information, and I state for the record that I am no expert on anything, particularly religion and science, which I cover frequently. Professionally, I am a photographer, and I’m building my business. You can view my professional site here. Leave a comment or read about my current projects. Also, I pay the bills by working in technology, specifically, software design. It’s difficult to be passionate about software, although some people are. I appreciate technology, but sometimes the old ways still work. Many photographers will attest to the superiority of film. I maintain that most people can’t tell the difference. But I also believe in slow food, making meals from scratch. I love to cook, and I have another blog, A Bread-Baker’s Diary, where I occasionally talk about the joy I get from making hand-made bread.

If anything in this blog offends you, try to forgive me. It is not my intention to offend people, although sometimes I find myself saying some crazy shit. I’ve seen a lot of things in my life. I watched my friend get gunned down in the street. I have been to the White House. I have open sporting events, singing “The Star-Spangled Banner”. There are so many more things I want to see and experience, and I want to talk about those things.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Leave a comment, like, subscribe (as PhillyD likes to say).

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